We just returned from Bimini, two islands a short flight from Miami.  There, we angled with storied guide "Bonefish Ebbie."  The day prior we toured the bonefish flats and mangroves with legendary, retired, guide Ansil Saunders.  The guide whose client caught the current world record bonefish in 1971, he's more famous for touring around Martin Luther King, Jr.  Saunders took King out many times, the first being in 1964 when King drafted his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech aboard Saunder's boat.  Four years later King returned to Bimini and again went out with Saunders, this time drafting a speech regarding the Sanitation Workers' bill.  During that trip he wrote his own eulogy, again aboard Saunders' boat.  He returned to the states and was assassinated days later.