I recently had the opportunity to travel to Nassau, Bahamas for some off shore trolling for the king of all billfish…marlin.  While we didn’t come up with one of the most prized gamefish in the sea, we had a great time.  Literally a wheelbarrow full of mahi mahi and tuna took the sting out of having had a giant (likely over 400lbs) shark dine on the larger tuna I was reeling in.   While it was a gristly sight to see, the end product was a good story and a better catch. 

The later part of the trip took us to Long Island, a remote strip of paradise over 100 miles southeast of Nassau.  Home to the world’s deepest “blue hole,” a phenomenon where the sea drops abruptly into a 600 foot deep shaft in the ocean’s floor, Long Island didn’t have power until 1994.  I extend great thanks to Weber Shandwick NYC and the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism for this opportunity.  Look for upcoming articles in Silver Skies magazine and Fly Fish America, one of the nation’s premiere fly fishing pubs.