I just returned from the subarctic shores of Hudson Bay, where I was part of a development trip to explore the many rivers in the region.  The goal is to develop a helicopter fishing opportunity, but first we needed to determine if these rivers indeed held thick populations of sea run brook trout, as we assumed they did.  We weren’t the biggest creatures in the area, as this region is dense with moose, caribou and polar bears.  Armed at all times with a shotgun, we headed up these rivers on ATVs, not knowing if we could even cross the streams at low tide, let alone catch fish.  What we found was nothing short of stunning, with many trout, fresh from the sea, coming to our nets.  Thanks so much to Ross Purnell at Fly Fisherman magazine, the crew at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge and Ryan Suffron at Travel Manitoba for making this once-in-a-lifetime trip possible.

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