I just returned from India, where I joined Suman Panwar, a conservationist and Indian villager, Andy Danylchuk, a Patagonia ambassador and fish biologist and Aaron Alter, a visionary on a mission to understand why the 150 year-old population of brown trout disappeared from the Assi Ganga River, one of the most holy rivers and a primary high headwater of the Ganges. We then headed to the Nepalese border to fish for Golden Masheer on a river that defines the India-Nepal border. This sacred fishery is protected by Baba, a holy man who lives in a temple at the confluence of the Kali and Saryu Rivers. India is constructing a dam that will put the temple, hundreds of terraced villages under 2500 feet of water, destroying this ecosystem. Look for articles in Fly Fisherman magazine and on Patagonia’s The Cleanest Line about this expedition.